Monday, October 18, 2004

Nose Wipe

When I was driving to school one morning in my senior year, I had a little bit of a runny nose. I was stopped at a stoplight and did the ol' wipe-the-finger-up-the-nostril move to get the drip. I turn to the car next to me. Lady smiles, so I smile back. A kind smile that says, "Hey, good morning."

Lights changes, I go on my merry way. A few blocks later I look at myself in the rear view mirror. The ol' wipe-the-finger-up-the-nostril move had no only taken care of the drip, but also pushed a green boogie to the end of my nose. Nice.

The lady I smiled back at wasn't smiling "good morning" to me. She was giggling to herself about the booger on the end of my nose.

Monday, October 11, 2004

What a Goon

Today I had my nephew come over and play again for a while. It was supposed to be the 3 yr old's turn, but he was sick and puking, so I took the 4 yr old instead. The 4 yr old loves to ride the tricycle so after a good game of Monopoly Jr, he won, we got the trike out and headed to the park.

I wasn't watching the clock very well and before I knew it his dad was there to pick him up. He knew we'd be at the park if we weren't at my house so he took home Jake, said 4 yr old, from there. That left just me and the trike.

Can you imagine how goony it looks to see a grown woman riding a trike through the park? If you can't, maybe you can track down one of the many motorist that were passing by. I wish I could've seen it. I bet it was quite the sight. I was standing on the back of it and pushing it like a scooter, by myself, down the bike path through the park. Smiling and laughing the whole way. What a goon!

I decided to carry it once I was out of the park. I'm sure it was a wise choice, though I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't be surprised to see me riding a trike down the street.