Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Clutsy Strikes Again

I picked my son up from school today. They made pseudo-gingerbread houses at school with graham crackers and frosting that were decorated with different candies. I figured it'd get home easier in the car.

My cutie kid was walking towards the car. I thought I'd be helpful so I reached around to the backseat and opened the door for him. As he got closer I pushed the door open so he would be able to just climb in.

My plan backfired. Instead of helpfully opening the door, I banged the door into him and his gingerbread house. It was knocked hard enough that if all fell apart and he got covered with the powdered sugar he had all over his house to be snow, including a yard full of powdered sugar snow. Well, when I got through being helpful, he was wearing that yard of powdered sugar snow.