Monday, May 16, 2005


I thought for sure I was going to have a hugely swollen jaw by now. I'm glad to say I don't. Earlier today I opened my car door and used the trunk release to open my trunk. I closed the door before I was actually out of the way. The door slammed into my jaw. Ouch!

You'd think I would've learned all the other times that I've closed the door on my finger or my shoulder (many, many times) that I would slow down and make sure my body was out of the door-closing area before I pushed the door. No.

My jaw didn't swell up like I thought it would. It doesn't even feel tender where I got hit. Hopefully there won't be any mark later. I hope I don't wake up tomorrow and have a big bruise there. Although, it'd match nicely the huge, blistering cold sore I have inside my nostil. It looks like a gigantic booger. Wouldn't you like to walk around in public with my face?