Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Did It Again!

(Note to Wonderful Hubby: Look away, do not read.)

Two or three summers ago, my friend and neighbor asked me to water her flowers while she was gone on vacation. I drove to her house to quick water the flowers before I ran some errands in town.

A normal, intelligent person would follow a typical procedure when stopping at someone's house to oh, say, water flowers. One important step in the procedure would be to put the car in park before getting out of the car.

Skipping that important step led to replacing my friend/neighbor's garage door. $850 later you'd think I'd have learned my lesson and never forgotten to put the car in park again. (Honey, quit reading!) Nope, I did often enough to put myself on the moron list before I ran into, or rather, my undriven car ran into the garage door. And I've continued to do it often enough since then.

It's just that all the other times I've forgotten to put my car in park, besides the whole garage door incident, I didn't cause any damage. I only tried to turn off my car and couldn't until the car was in park.

Today I did it again. ! Again! I was bringing my nephew to school and he said he didn't have time for breakfast before he left, so I quick stopped by my house to get him a breakfast bar. I stopped my car in the driveway, jumped out, and intended to run into the house. That is, until my car ran to the house with me. With Scream in the backseat! (Let's not tell Scream's parents about this, ok?)

Luckily this time I jumped in the car and got my foot on the brake before the car went too far. The reason I had to replace the garage door last time was because I didn't get back into my car until it stopped - by ramming into my friend/neighbor's husband's car, hitting the bike rack on my car on their garage door as it made it's way into the garage. !

When will I ever learn?!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Damn You, David Sedaris!

I like to listen to an audiobook while I workout at the gym. It's a nice way to entertain me while I sweat, plus I get to "read" a book.

Sometimes it's really annoying to try to listen. Some audiobooks must be recorded quieter than others, because some are hard to hear even when the volume is turned all the way up. And when the gym has the overhead music turned up, I sometimes have to sneak over and turn it back down or turn off my book because I can't hear it over the piped-in music.

Today I started a new audiobook, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. The good part about it is it's just as funny as other books of his I've read. The bad part is that I was giggling throughout my workout, looking like a complete weirdo (again).

I tried to keep quiet, but I couldn't help it. He's so darned funny! I even had tears rolling down my cheeks.