Friday, June 30, 2006


Last night Hubby and I watched Murderball. It is a documentary that follows some quadriplegic rugby players. Great movie, I highly recommend it.

Murderball isn't your ordinary rugby game. Besides throwing the ball around to try to score a goal, these guys crash into each other in special, tank-like wheelchairs. The games must be exciting to watch, full of action. They slam into other players and often the other player's wheelchair is knocked over, spilling the player on the floor. If nothing else, this movie shows that quadriplegic does not mean wallflower.

One part of the movie shows the guys playing the game and one of the athletes tells that most of the players have broken their necks and have rods in their necks. The comment follows a visual aid showing what the rods look like in place, ending with a close up on a huge scar around the base of someone's skull where he'd had surgery.

My first thought - "wow, this is a tough sport! So rough most of the guys break their necks!" Unfortunately, I hate to admit my stupidity, but there it is. They didn't break their necks playing murderball...they are playing murderball versus another sport because they are in wheelchairs after breaking their necks. Duh!